Terrenz Chang 張惠淳

Visual communication designer, her graphic design for theatre productions include: Theatre du Pif’s Viewing 4.48, La Casa and Blackbird; Alice Theatre Laboratory’s The Hong Kong Three Sisters, Hanletmachine and One Hundred Years of Solitude; Hong Kong Repertory Theatre Blackbox Theatre's White Blaze in the Morning; Art Peak's Title of Show!; Theatre Ronin's Nature; Prospects Theatre’s Happy to Gather; On & On Theatre Workshop's The Ugly One; Pants Theatre Production's Laramie Project, and Broadway musical RENT 10th Anniversary World Tour Hong Kong stop.


Terrenz's set design works include Theatre du Pif's The Will to Build 2015; Reframe Theatre's Radiant Vermin; and site-specific installation for Unlock Dancing Plaza's Walls44 Trilogy.


Her costume design works include Theatre du Pif's Waiting for Godot; and On & On Theatre Workshop's Postcolonial Affairs of Food and the Heart.


視覺傳達設計師,劇場範疇的平面設計作品包括:進劇場《莎拉.肯恩 三十六景》、《白屋》和《黑鳥》;愛麗絲劇場實驗室《香港三姊妹》、《哈姆萊特機器》和《百年孤寂》;香港話劇團黑盒劇場《灼眼的白晨》;藝堅峰《Show名係最難諗㗎!》;浪人劇場《心林》;前進進戲劇工作坊《醜男子》;一條褲製作《同志少年虐殺事件》;及百老匯音樂劇《吉屋出租》10周年世界巡迴香港站等。


服裝設計包括:進劇場《等待果陀》 ;和前進進戲劇工作室《後殖民食物與愛情》。 

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